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The main of Furrystar. Picture taken by Joshua.
The main of Furrystar. Picture taken by Joshua.

Furrystar is a ClassiCube server that is a spiritual successor to Featherstar owned by Skylerzap. It is mostly a result of the Petscopbar95 Discord server.

It is a freebuild server that is not necessarily furry themed but a lot of furry builds appear on it. It gets griefed a lot because of the server having "Furry" in the name (citation needed) . Similarly to MCGalaxy With Cheese, the default rank is User (AdvBuilder) with the only ranks above it being trusted users and admins. However, the rank names are "computer-themed".

The main level is themed after Windows XP's "Bliss" wallpaper.


Most of the ranks are named differently from standard MCGalaxy, they are as follows:

  • Guest_Account (Guest)
  • Limited_User (Builder)
  • User (AdvBuilder)
  • Elevated_User (Trusted)
  • Operator
  • SuperOP
  • Sudoer (Nobody)