Furry (Meme)

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Furries as a meme are a hard topic to cover, so this page may not be 100% accurate


Foghorn is an emote on the CheescCord Discord server. The id that it uses is :furry:. The emote comes from a meme which had a picture of Foghorn on a black background with the text "Furry." underneath.

Furry Map

The furry map is a map on cheese which is furry themed. Only furries are allowed to build on the furry map.

Furry Ferry Ferries Furries

"Furry Ferry Ferries Furries" is a palindromic-type sentence that was rumoured to have been said by President John F. Kennedy on June 15th, 1967, in regards to a possible project known as the "Furry Island" project which was to deport all furries to an island on, as the name suggests, ferries. This quote is known for being the last thing that JFK said while he was still alive, dying of a stroke mere moments after saying it. This quote is also the inspiration for the name of the Furry Ferry server.