JFK's Anti-Furry Movement (Furry Ferry Lore)

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John F. Kennedy, in all his horrific glory.


The JFK Anti-Furry Movement was an initiative undertaken by President John F. Kennedy from the 1950s through to 1967 and possibly later. The movement was taken up against the Furries, also known as the Pelzigs, which is a term of German origin introduced by German immigrants. The Cuban-American Government, which was a shadow organization with John F. Kennedy at its lead, was responsible for the hijacking of government process which led to many anti-Furry bills being introduced to congress.

From his election in 1960 to his "death" in 1963, later followed by his actual death in 1967, John F. Kennedy and his associates launched a campaign of terror against the Furries, which involved taking away their rights and equality established by Warren G. Harding, and, in 1965, building detention facilities to imprison them away from the other citizens of the United States.