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1. Do not vandalize pages.

Vandalizing pages is strictly prohibited, and will result in a ban.

2. No illegal content.

The They Also Do It Wiki is required to report and/or remove any illegal content that is transferred through its network. This includes pirated software or media.

3. Don't create "nonsense pages" like this one.

3.5 Don't create stub pages (really short pages with little information) without the intention to expand them in the future.

4. No Harassment

5. No hate speech or derogatory slurs.

10. No advertising.

Failing to follow the first 10 warrants penalty, depending on your previous offenses and the severity of your current offense(s), this could range from a warning to full loss of access to the wiki.

The following rules are not as heavily enforced, but it is recommended that you follow them:

11. Categorize your pages. Adding your pages to categories makes the wiki easier to navigate.