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The Turron Technologies Logo
The Turron Technologies Logo

Turron Technologies (AKA TurronTech) is a corporation owned and operated by Joshua. They are known for their manufacturing of consumer and enterprise electronics, and development of software for them. They also mass-produce and distribute Turron.

The name "Turron Technologies" is inspired by ENA by Joel G, and so is the design for the Turron Technologies logo.


Turron Technologies sells the TurronTech PC, a home and office computer which came with DOS from 1988 to 1994, then TurronOS.

TurronTech also sells the TurronPhone, a cellular phone, and the TurronServer, a rack-mounted server designed similarly to the TurronTech PC.

They also manufacture television sets and other home appliances.

Turron Technologies also manufactures weaponry and vehicles such as the TurronTank and TurronTruck.

TurronTech is working on constructing a corporate-owned city/office complex called the TurronCity.

There is also a TurronTech-owned film studio called TurronFilms.


TurronTech has buildings and infrastructure inside of multiple ClassiCube servers. MCGalaxy With Cheese is home to the TurronCity, and TurronTech's office in Obamacity. Furry Ferry is home to a TurronTech-operated scientific laboratory and research office. A TurronTech office can also be found in Joeven.

TurronTech's logo can be found on many ClassiCube servers' freebuilds as well.