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A picture of Obamacity, taken by Joshua.
A picture of Obamacity, taken by Joshua.

Obamacity is a map on MCGalaxy With Cheese. The map contains buildings from many players, and is Obama-themed. It is set in the fictional country of Obamaland. (citation needed)

The grass is darker than usual, and most buildings are made of brown bricks and other brown-colored material.


Obamacity includes (but is not limited to) the following buildings:

  • Obamacorp HQ, a skyscraper in the middle of the map.
  • Obamart, a supermarket run by Obamacorp.
  • W Building, which looks similar to Obamacorp HQ and is almost the same height.
  • Obama Police Station.
  • Obama Bank.
  • Random Tiny Burning House.
  • Snail (not ENA).
  • Various civilian houses.
  • Obamacorp World-Class Suites.
  • Obama Church.
  • Bidenia Embassy.
  • A neighborhood of four large houses, the houses' interiors look like the Backrooms.
  • Obamasoft store.
  • Obama dance club, featuring a randomly generated dance floor.


In Obamacity, it is illegal for any building to be taller than Obamacorp HQ.


Obamacity started being built shortly after a player by the name of bruhobama69 joined Featherstar. The map has been continually worked on and revisited since then, being moved across servers, until reaching MCGalaxy With Cheese.